The Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara (BUASVM) is an institution specialized in agronomical and veterinary higher education, with a national and European span.

BUASVM is located in Timisoara, the capital City of Timis County, in western Romania, close to the Serbian and Hungarian border, not far from the capital cities Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade. Timisoara is considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, being the main social, economic and multicultural centre in the western part of Romania. In Timisoara live together in harmony many ethnic groups such as Germans, Hungarians, Italians, Serbians, and Bulgarians. The city will be in 2021, the European capital of culture!

Adress: Calea Aradului nr.119, 300645 Timisoara, jud. Timis, Romania
Phone: 0256 277 007
Fax: 0256 277 126

High Technical School of Veterinary Studies Požarevac was established in 1979 and to date it is the only higher education institution in the Bregi district, founded by the Republic of Serbia. Long-standing existence points to tradition and quality in education. Since its inception, 3284 students have graduated from the Technical College.

The basic vocational studies last 3 years on 5 accredited study programs with 8 modules and after graduation, the student acquires the title of a professional engineer. After completing basic vocational studies, students acquire the right to enroll specialist vocational studies for a period of one year, thus obtaining the title of specialists – a professional engineer.

Teaching at the school is carried out by highly qualified personnel, of which there are 23 Doctors of Science, 9 Masters of Science, 1 Specialist and 8 Professional Associates, as well as a corresponding number of non-Resident staff. 2 The school has 2070m of teaching space (amphitheater, classrooms, laboratories and others) equipped with modern means for teaching. The school permanently coordinates curricula with new European educational trends, new technologies and current needs and requirements of the economy.

Nemanjina 2, 12000 Pozarevac
Telephones: +381 12 531-667, +381 12 531-668
Fax: +381 12 531-667
Current account: 840-1180666-85